Gently Used Outdoor Gear

Gently Used Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear, if you live in Colorado near the mountains or anywhere where the main focus of the lifestyle is outdoors, Gently Used outdoor gear becomes a way of life for most people. Lets face it even if you buy new, your gear becomes gently used outdoor gear the first time you use it. If you are a hunter, fisherman, a camper, a climber, a rancher, just a guy that loves the outdoors or someone who just has to work or travel outside, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I speak of gently used outdoor gear. You have it, you use it and when it wears out you need to replace it because its important to you. If you’re like me you want good stuff the higher quality the better. If its cold out I want my outdoor gear to keep me warmer. If the country is rough or the job is hard I want my gear to be tougher. In short I want the best gear I can afford. It doesn’t matter if its a tool I need to fix fence or keep my vehicle running, a Tent to sleep in or a parka to keep me warm I want the good ones. Now I buy a lot of new stuff some things work out better if you buy new. But I’m a sucker for a bargain and if I can get something 20% or more cheaper that works for me and so does gently used outdoor gear.

I’ve always been a marketer and bargain hunter-finder. I’ve been an auctioneer  and I had a store in a very large Fleamarket on the east coase for 5 or 6 years.  I’m retired from the military but I’ve always had a hand in trading and finding bargains.  I had a pawnshop for 10 years before I moved out here to the foothills.  I’m still a trader and a Marketer at 59 thats what I do to supplement my retirement income.  I do all right,  sort of semi retired I guess.  I’ve kind of carved out my own niche with this Gently Used Outdoor Gear thing and the internet marketing that I do.  I don’t chase this stuff like I did when I was younger.  I’ve learned a few things about finding these bargains and teaching others how to find their own bargains.   I know a lot of others that are doing the finding and the bargain buying and they make this site grow and flourish.  It is about finding you bargains, places to find those bargains and ways to make money yourself or just save money on your own gently used outdoor gear.

Right now it is cold here in Colorado, it is time for Jackets, Coats, Long underwear, boots, sleeping bags and other gently used stuff to stay warm with.  If you are a skier or snowboarder or you just like to watch winter events. You still have to stay warm.   I just put my gently used Carhart insulated overalls in my very gently used Dodge 4wd Quad Cab just in case I get stranded in the snow or have to help someone else.  My gently used Under Armour  long underwear is on the night stand ready for those cold mornings when I have to get an early start.  I have found that I  have become very fond of brand named gear that goes the extra mile to keep my body warm.  Try finding some of these brands like The North Face, REI, Mountain Hardware and others at retail outlets like Back Country or even Dick’s Sporting Goods and you’ll see why i hunt around for Gently Used Cold Weather Gear.  It’s pretty easy to find when it is hot outside I take advantage of that every summer and I sell them on several markets come the first cold snap.

Now this little work in progress, our Gently Used Outdoor Gear website is a tool that I’m going to provide to you, so that you don’t have to chase all over the country looking for deals at yard sales and thrift stores.  You don’t have to spend your hard earned gasoline dollars finding the deals you need .  I’m going to build this site up with all the bargains you can hope to need in the way of Used Outdoor Gear.  Remember It is a work in progress so we are expanding a little at a time providing you a place to get this gear at rock bottom prices.   Starting with the cold weather gear cause that is what we need now.  Maybe even some ski g ear and climbing gear, winter camping stuff so bear with me.  I’m in building mode it won’t take too long to get the site up and running so all you need to do is log on right hear at  …  Be sure and come back every couple of days and see our new posts for hot winter deals and sign up for our newsletter  by sending us a note at the contact us page asking to sign up.  I’ll automate the sign up soon so all you have to do is click and leave your name and email address.  But for now just fillout the contact us form  with “sign me up for the newsletter”  ….. thanks for stopping buy.
Oh I almost forgot…. Many of our friends and fellow ebay(tm) marketers sell New and Gently Used Outdoor Gear on Ebay(tm) at some really super low prices. If you would just like to shop now for some cold weather stuff: just click one or all the links below…. more to come later!

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